Start-Up Business of the Year

You will have started a business no sooner than 28th February 2016 to qualify for this award.

Home Based Business of the Year

Your business must be based from home although your registered office address can be elsewhere. Your business activities can take place outside Kent.

Mumpreneur of the Year

You must be able to demonstrate the entrepreneurial skills you have developed by starting/running a business while raising your family.

Business Woman of the Year

This category will be divided into two parts, over and under five years’ experience. You can be running your own business or following a career path.

Leadership and Management Award

You must be able to demonstrate leadership qualities, processes and actions either in your own business or career.

Women in PR and Marketing

You must have been working in this sector for at least 24 months before 1st March 2018

Young Business Woman of the Year

You must be under the age of 30 before 1st March 2018 and you can be running your own business or in a career

Entrepreneur of the year

You must be able to demonstrate your entrepreneurial skills since starting your own business/es

Innovation Award

This category is open to organisations of any size who can demonstrate an innovative approach to business. This could be related to a product or service that has helped you achieve a growth advantage on your competitors.

Women in Construction Award

You must be working within the construction sector in any capacity for at least two years from 1st March 2018

Contribution to the Community Award

This category is for organisations of any size in Kent who can demonstrate how they have a positive impact on their local community. You will be a public, private or not-for-profit organisation with your registered business office located in Kent.

Professional Achievement Award

You must be able to demonstrate significant professional achievement/s in your business or career

Service Excellence Award

You must be able to show how the level of service you provide in your business or professional role is structured and monitored.

Women in the Arts/Creative

This award is designed for women who are using their creative talents in their business or role or who show excellence within the sector by helping others achieve success.

Women’s Champion Award

This award is designed to recognise a professional female, (or group)  in Kent who is actively supporting other women. This support does not have to be only in relation to a professional environment.

Women in Retail Award

For this award your registered business premised must be located in Kent. Your retail business can be either online, offline or a combination of both. You must have been trading for at least 12 months as of 28th Feb 2018

Growth Award

This category gives you the chance to demonstrate the positive growth of your business/company. This does not necessarily equate to the figures on the bottom line. Growth could mean an increase in employees, expansion in the UK or even expansion overseas.